Providing a professional service across all aspects of your project, to ensure your air conditioning installation runs smoothly. We can also ensure your mechanical services equipment is being cared for correctly with our quality Servicing and Maintenance offering. Call or email us today or send us an enquiry for more information.

Looking to reduce your energy consumption and save money? Or are you looking to upgrade operating systems at your site and want the best solution?

L & G Airconditioning and  Mechanical Services has the capability to provide a tailored turnkey solution to all your operating and energy problems. 

With HVAC systems using up to 40% of a building’s total energy consumption, there are real opportunities for LG Airconditioning and  Mechanical Services to reduce your sites carbon footprint, while putting money back into your pocket. 


L & G Airconditioning Services

L & G Airconditioning can offer a comprehensive range of services from design, supply, installation and servicing of the mechanical and air-conditioning systems. We also provide retro-fitting or full system upgrades for the plant room and process pipe work. Our air-conditioning commissioning and balance team can provide a detailed appraisal of your air-conditioning systems today.

L & G is the founder of L & G Airconditioning Mechanical Services. L & G is a licensed plumber with the Plumbing Industry Commission (PIC); he is also a licensed gas fitter with Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). All PIC and ESV certificates for works carried out are signed off by Grant Drake for L & G Airconditioning Mechanical Services.

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